Eye Liner Glossy Finish 7mL

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BEAUT by Sterling Velvet Series Waterproof Eyeliner for effortless way to give a perfect wing with special designed brush for perfect Smudge proof stocks with the long handle applicator with quick dry formula. Make it easy to create shape precise lines Dramatic winged eyeliner. Eyeliners are products that apply color to the area around the eyes to accent and highlight appearance of the eyes. Eyeliners are used to emphasize the eyelids and/or to change the perceived shape of the eyes. They contain special ingredients that apply color where it is needed in a precise and controlled manner.
Shade: Black
Long Lasting
Glossy for Sharp Look / Matte for Bold Look
Smudge Proof
Quick Dry Formula
Rich Pigment
Different look for different occasions
Office look
Party Look
Collage Look
Traditional Look
Direction to use:
Shake well before use.
Gently dip the built in brush into eyeliner pot. Remove excess Liquid.
Draw your eyelid taut and draw a line across your upper lid.Starting from the inner corner, sweep the eyeliner brush along the upper Lash Line in small, connected strokes and continue till outer corner of eye.
Thicken the line as per your preference.
Pro Tip:
To remove, use cotton pads soaked in make-remover or warm water and gently wipe it off.
Make sure that while applying the liner on your eyelids it does not enter your eyes or it might cause irritation and redness.


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