Herbal Henna Mehndi Combo Pack of – 2 -150g

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Directions to Use :-

Take out the powder in bowl. add water to it quanity of water should be three times the quanity of powder taken. Mix
well to form a smooth paste.

Apply this paste on the hair using a brush. after five minutes of application , comb the hair spo that the paste reaches till roots of the

For best results, keep the paste on the hair for 1 hour.

Wash the hair, while keeping the eyes and mouth closed for smooth, silky, shiny hair, aaply
sterling hair serum, available in the market.

60 reviews for Herbal Henna Mehndi Combo Pack of – 2 -150g

  1. Rakhee Roy

    “Nice one”
    My hair shines after two use Thankyou Sterling

  2. Pooja Dhillo

    Good Quality

  3. Preeti Shukla

    “Good product”
    Best Quality

  4. Mona

    I Love It

  5. Vipul Gupta


  6. Shewlee Paul

    Lovely product….. Packing is good

  7. Reena Aggrwal Ahuja

    Its really very smooth. It brings back the shine on your hair. Highly recommended.

  8. Shiwani Sharma

    “Awesome Heena.. Must Try”

  9. Vidisha Priyamvada

    “Good hena”
    Good heena. Less hair loss after using for first time.

  10. Nibha Rani

    This fragrance seem artificial not natural

  11. Surabhi Tiwari

    I actually love using mehndi. and I am using this one from the last 2 years. This went unavailable offline. So I ordered it from here, thank you Sterling

  12. Isita Misra

    Awesome product.

  13. Bansal Ji

    “Not good”

  14. Sunanda Basu

    It gave my hair a volume and good feel

  15. Daisy Sunz

    “Good but not that great”
    It will condition ur hair but color payoff is not good. Also makes my hair dry.

  16. Richa kaul

    Product is too lovely!! Worth spending the money?

  17. Hemlta Kumari

    Nic Products Quality

  18. Himadri Khanna


  19. Swagata Mukherjee

    “Not much effective”
    First time I used this product but not very satisfied

  20. ishu Mina

    My hair start falling after using it.. not good

  21. Deepa Sylvester

    Very good product.

  22. Manisha Panda

    First try.. I hope it will give natural colour & shine

  23. Sharmaji

    “Really effective ”
    I could see the mehndi tint for almost a month.

  24. Priya Srivastava

    My Hair So Silky So Smooth N Color Also Amazing … I Love It

  25. Pratima Singh

    I bought this for my mom and she loved it

  26. Mahumita Saha

    its my first purchase…….very good product……

  27. Manisha kalbande

    “Excellent product”
    Terrific product. Very effective. After lots n lots of searching I finally am happy with this product. Worth every penny.

  28. Suman Sharma

    It gives a natural colour to my hair.. Using this product for last 4 months…& works good to my hair. .also provide good colour to white hair

  29. Ruchika Gupta

    I have been using this product for a long time.This is one of the best heena

  30. Shreya Nandy

    Nothing special…but yeah…it does its work

  31. Sreemita Dey

    Natural product

  32. Anisha

    Beautiful hair , shiny , smooth and silky

  33. Ck Pandit

    “Bought after reading the positive reviews!! ”
    Just tried once – gave great results.

  34. Barnali Roy

    Very good for hair.. it’s make hair smooth and silky

  35. Pooja verma

    So nice herbal heena it is I love it

  36. Tikka Sharma


  37. Shenihya Jaffri

    Nic products guys no1

  38. Urvashi Mehta

    Thank u Sterling

  39. Chanda kishori

    Good products.

  40. Tarunna Khanna

    Herbal heena mehndi awssm guys and thank u sterling

  41. Shivani Aggrwal

    Herbal Heena Quality Products boss Thank you Sterling

  42. Heena Kaur

    Price costly h

  43. Monika Suri

    Thank you Sterling

  44. Sonika Singh

    Nic Products

  45. Manjisha Sharma

    Sterling all body wax products r vry good keep it up

  46. Neha Sharma


  47. Hemmalta Goyal

    Awssm herbal heena mehndi ammonia free i like it

  48. Gunjan Saxsena

    Good products

  49. Shakira Vaasu

    Quality Products

  50. Gohour Khaan

    “Best henna ever ”
    It makes my hair smooth & silky

  51. Kiran Mitra

    Simply Awesome Product.

  52. Deepika Gupta

    Good Quality

  53. Purnima Verma

    Good Qua;lity

  54. Fizosha Alfani


  55. Kashish Mehlhoriya

    Thank u

  56. Sheena Soni

    Maja nhi aya

  57. Garima Shukla


  58. Sheena Aggrwal

    Good Products

  59. Nitin Soni


  60. Sonu Yadav


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