Honey Crème Body Wax (700 g) – Lavender

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Our superior range of Honey Crème Body Wax is a cream-based 3-in-1 formula that gives a strong hold to the hair, removes tan, and is a preferred choice that feels less hot on the skin leaving your skin smooth and hair-free.


  • High-quality hair removing wax for arms, underarms & legs.
  • Skin-friendly removes hair without any irritation on the skin.
  • The cream-based formula feels less hot on the skin.
  • Anti-tanning.
  • Melts easily spread evenly. The consistency of this wax makes it easy to spread evenly on the body.
  • Gives you a soft and revitalizing effect.
  • Strong hold that sticks properly.
  • Painless pulls, easily remove even the stubborn hair from the under roots.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

How to use it?

  • Place the container in the wax heater, until cream-like consistency is achieved.
  • Cleanse the area, preferably using a body scrub, to remove the dead skin and for a better grip of hair. For best results, start by applying Pre-Wax Oil.
  • Thoroughly dry the area.
  • Sprinkle some talcum powder on the area to be waxed.
  • Apply a thin coat of wax in the direction of hair growth.
  • Quickly apply the strip on top of it and smooth it down in the same direction.
  • Allow the wax to cool on the skin until it becomes soft & pliable. Hold the skin taut and quickly rip the strip against the direction of hair growth.
  • Remove excess wax from the skin.
  • Your skin is left feeling smooth, soft, and supple.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Wax can cause severe burns if applied to the skin at too high a temperature. Do not allow the wax to come in contact with naked flames.

64 reviews for Honey Crème Body Wax (700 g) – Lavender

  1. Reetika Vohra


  2. Jyoti Bhatiya

    Cost friendly ,does not peel the skin, light and effective

  3. Heena Grower

    Vry Gd Qlty.

  4. Nilesh Dhawan

    Good, Nic

  5. Shivali Goyal

    Good Quality

  6. Kanika Suri

    Easy to use
    Must buy and try

  7. Manju Tiwari

    I highly recommend this!

  8. Chanchal Bharti

    I’m very happy with this product..

  9. Kavita Shukla

    Quality wise it is good. Beneficial for sensitive skin too. Quickly removes hairs with one application

  10. Reena Atarngi

    Helps to remove the hair easily overall a good product smells really good

  11. Salma Quraishi


  12. Gaytari Sahoo

    Awesome hair removing wax

  13. Vineeta Arora

    It was the worst .

  14. Neelam Gupta

    Good product, easy to use, best Fragnance.

  15. Antima Aggrwal

    Nyc Qlty

  16. Geetika Bansal

    Disappointed ☹️

  17. Lavnish Parag

    Good product

  18. Priyanka.s

    Remove hair easily in one apply, Thanx

  19. Shivali Suryavanshi

    Best wax used till date
    Its texture is so good which makes it very easy to apply

  20. Deepika Pal

    I recommend everyone to buy this Chocolate & Lavender Body Wax, it is very useful,

  21. Sonal Mehta

    Don’t buy this products

  22. Naina Ayer


  23. Pavitra Bhandari

    This is the best

  24. Shakti Ansari

    Don’t buy this item it’s only half full.

  25. Anita Maggu

    I was looking alternative for parlour waxing and came across this. Simply the best. It removes hair without leaving a trace and the best part is it is pure natural.

  26. Srikrithi

    One of the best products

  27. Seema Agnihotri


  28. Kundan Gupta

    100 out of 100 guys full on nic quality

  29. Veena Yaadav

    Good Products i like it

  30. Namita Guladhi

    Good Quality

  31. Rajnish Kalra

    Best wax I have ever used,it really makes my skin brighter and the best thing is this it is good for all skin types .
    I would highly recommend this

  32. Deepika Sharma

    Thank You for give me this nic quality body wax products

  33. Taruna Gowsawmi

    Love the product!!
    I was always scared to wax my arms legs so much because of my sensitive skin it hurts like hell. I come to know about this product and though of giving it try and you won’t beleuve there is no redness and itchiness. It’s painless does not hurt.

  34. Suhana Goyal

    Price costly h according Quality bt not bad

  35. Urmi Malik

    Used it and my skin feels so soft and smooth.

  36. Mona Agnihotri

    Dont Buy

  37. Payal Sharma

    Its really nice wax ,since I have sensitive skin,I really recomend this .Additionaly it provide a glow to the skin

  38. Mounisha Lamba

    Don’t BUY

  39. Sonakshi Verma


  40. Dr. Divya Joshi

    Price very costly bt quality is good

  41. Payal Mehta

    Good Product Quality

  42. Anshika Kohli

    Gd Nyc

  43. Vishali Verma

    The wax quality is amazing just in one stroke all hair goes away… Make skin smoother nd shiney.

  44. Deepika Sharma

    Dont Buy This Products

  45. Janny Christ

    Good Quality this products

  46. Kanchan Suri

    Nyc Quality

  47. Komal Ahuja

    I like this product

  48. Divya Taneja


  49. Kritika Awasthi


  50. Payal Rastogi

    This wax is good .

  51. Gaurav Taneja

    ok ok h

  52. Mansi Mittal

    Good nyc

  53. Tanu Kapil

    Quality h bhai

  54. Aneema Sachdewa

    Good Qlty

  55. Shobha Malhotra

    I like this

  56. Geeta Ayer

    Nyc products

  57. Garima Kalra

    Good products Quality

  58. Shalu Verma


  59. Poonam Sharma

    Nice Quality

  60. Savita Shukla

    Its gives you soft and brighter skin with every use.

  61. Veena

    Nyc one

  62. Sonal Tripuia

    Good Products

  63. Roshni Sharma

    Dont Buy this product

  64. Sonal Mehra

    Usefull product. Easy to remove body hair .must buy

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