Know the Intriguing Benefits of Moroccon Argan Oil on Your Hair!

Argan oil from Morocco has recently earned a lot of attention as a beauty product. Moroccan oil, sometimes known as “liquid gold” or “Argan oil,” is a high-end ingredient in many hair care products. You’d be surprised to learn that this oil can work in such magical ways! So, get ready as we bring to […]

Most Searched Questions About Hair Serums: Part 2

After an overwhelming response to the first part of the most searched questions about hair serums, we are stoked to bring you its second part! At Sterling Naturals, we are sure that this set of blog articles will help you learn more about hair care, and if you are new to the concept of hair serums, this […]

7 Hottest Monsoon Hair Care Tips for 2021

While we all enjoy the rains, the increased humidity during the monsoon makes hair care tedious. Frizzy hair, dandruff, and hair fall are the most common problems we experience these days. But don’t let the rains drive you off from taking proper care of your hair. Here are some simple hacks for you to tame […]

Hair Serum For Men: Explained!

The biggest nightmare for men nowadays is to experience an untimely hair fall or to see oneself going bald. This certainly means that your hair has a deficiency of vital nourishment that it cannot get. It is simple, as you take good care of your body and skin by eating right, working out and following […]

Why is waxing better than shaving? Benefits of waxing over shaving hair

Honestly, there is no one perfect answer that suits all situations or anyone and everyone. But, before getting to the benefits of waxing, it is crucial to understand what exactly these two things are! Broadly, a wax pulls hair from the root with consecutive tugs. Shaving is more like trimming, as it just removes hair […]

How to avoid an allergy? A guide to making hair dye fun!

We are all aware of the bright side of using hair-care products, radiant look, soft and beautiful hair, but the other side of the coin is that these products don’t suit everybody’s hair type. The result can be severe like having rashes, itching, pimples, etc. How can you safeguard yourself now? Take an allergy alert […]

Sneak-peak into how to body wax at home!

The process of waxing at home can be pretty tedious and fussy. But doing this process at home can save you from making hefty payments at the salon. The only trap over here is that you should know how to wax at home. Rest assured, even if you don’t know how to wax, you are […]

Hair Colouring At Home: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

We understand making a salon appointment, sitting in the chair for hours, and paying a lot of money to change your hair colour feels like getting a lump in the throat. Also, due to these present times of pandemic, getting out for anything feels like a big no-no. Indeed, we also encourage you to be […]

All you need to know about: Hair Serum vs. Hair Oil

Hair serum differs from hair oil and hair creams. It is a styling product used to add shine and smoothen your hair, whilst hair oil is primarily used to nourish and strengthen hair growth. While there’s no way to say one is better than the other, they have distinguishing traits that make them suitable for different […]

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